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released 7.7.17

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"...successfully walks a line between radio-ready pop and rough-edged rebel rock a la Chrissie Hynde, Deborah Harry, and Velvet Underground... guitar-heavy backup here is excellent, and so are the compositions and attitude-soaked vocals."  

— Jeff Burger

POPDOSE (7/3/17)

"'Some Dudes' is just plain fucking great – her voice is deadly smoky and sexy; the guitars are dirty and garage-y; she’s pushing The Velvet Underground envelope in a linear, poppy way and this is such a damned fine track...No matter what, Lisa Said has shown in her two releases quite a range of style, delivery and emotion."  

— Rob Ross


"The mix of ingredients is classic: acoustic strumming with electric slide, an alluring smoky voice, and a rhythm section that can stay steady as long as it takes...Fans of Chrissie Hynde or early Liz Phair have another fresh voice here waiting to join the rotation, whether they know it yet or not."

— Geno Thackara


"The music is soulful, gritty, and clever... Estranged has a living, beating rock and roll heart, and the sound is cohesive but not repetitive. Which is to say, there’s a style there, and some nice surprises."

— Nick Zaino

JERSEY BEAT (6/2017)

"Said's husky voice and sharp songwriting make for a strong and winning double act. The rattling arrangements add a wonderfully raw rough'n'ready sonic kick...A refreshingly frank and unsentimental treat."   

— Joe Wawrzyniak


"With the come-here-then-kick-in-the-balls vocals pioneered by Chrissie Hynde and later Liz Phair, over a noisy, Stooges/Velvets guitar-fest, Lisa Said plows through her song 'Some Dudes' like she owns the place, dropping more than a few classic rock references along the way..."


"Only four songs here but all are worthy of your time."  

— Tim Hinely



released 8.26.16

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"...everything about this album is right; she has the gift of constructing memorable songs; quality melodies and smart (probably beyond her years) lyrics"  

— Rob Ross


" impressive debut—sexy, smart, and eminently playable."  

— Jeff Burger


"...Lyrically, comparisons to folks like Dylan and Kristofferson are warranted as she has a way of taking relatable topics and making them come off as fresh and original."

 — John B. Moore


"At Iota, she made Bob Dylan’s 'Isis' sound like one of her own longer, more conversational compositions...the most exhilarating moments of the Iota show entered uncharted territory...her dynamic set traveled beyond both Egypt and Americana."

— Mark Jenkins


"...reminds us of an Egyptian Patsy Cline with influences from Elvis Costello and Presley both."



"...all of it draped in a sound that’s countrified lush but intimately sincere, attributes that, while surely the result of all that patience meeting all that talent and converging in the trailing wake of Ms Said’s pen, will regardless ensure her of a lasting and rewarding future. √√√½"  

— Dave Cantrell

BLURT ONLINE: Watch New Video by Lisa Said by Fred Mills




released 11.17.15

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NOISEY: EXPERT WITNESS with Robert Christgau 

"Egyptian-American from Tennessee kicks off her Americana EP with a Huey Smith figure and makes you wonder whether her melodic shading is cultural or individual." ("Been Around," "One Too Many") **

— Robert Christgau

STEREO EMBERS: Lightning Strikes

"...the kind of quality recording that Dolly Parton might have made had she come of age in the gold age of innovative indie."

"Ms Said, in short, writes a mean tune, and the confident, sparkling charm that extends over the whole of First Time, Long Time is a type that belies its debut status. With the EP’s depth and irresistibility, Lisa Said as a solo artist has hit the ground sprinting, her easy gait disguising just how comfortably complex this record is. √√√¼"

— Dave Cantrell

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